ATVBC’s Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on November 17, 2021.

Trail damage due to wildfires and floods

2021 ATV Trail flood damage
2021 ATV Trail flood damage

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by summer wildfires and November floods.  ATVBC is working collaboratively with the British Columbia Snow Federation (BCSF), British Columbia Off-Road Motorcycle Association (BCORMA), the Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia (4WDABC) and the Outdoor Recreation Council (ORC) to plan for a Trail Damage Inventory to begin in 2022.

Ed Vermette from the Princeton ATV Club reports that several sections of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) that were open to motorized use are completely gone, and we have heard reports of  damage on motorized trails in several other BC communities.


ATV Trail Grants
ATV Trail Grants

Staff will focus on grants through to the end of 2021.  Fund reports for funding ATVBC received for projects like provincial Land and Environment support, the Trail Ambassador Program, and the Dealer Outreach program are due and applications for funding for 2022 need to be submitted soon

Payment for club trail maintenance and development grants will be issued throughout November, as clubs submit their reports.

ATVBC will issue a call for trail maintenance and development grants in January 2022.


The Early Bird draw is only a few weeks away and ATVBC will open up phone lines for ticket sales in early December.  Announcements will be shared via Facebook, the ATVBC website and via ATVBC’s newsletter. Call for tickets at 250-554-7823 between December 1 – December 10 or purchase online at


ATVBC has finalized its insurance policies for volunteer Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Property coverage (for storage and offices), Directors and Officers insurance for ATVBC and club Board of Directors and General Liability insurance.  Cost for 2021 was over $40,000.

Vancouver Island Land Access support

ATVBC directors and staff will continue to provide support as requested by clubs.  Currently, this includes grant funding to pay agreement fees once an Island Access Agreement is signed, creation and distribution of a Vancouver Island membership FAQ after consultation with Island club presidents, and standardizing membership rates for 5 of the 6 Island clubs.

Regional Club Coalitions

Recognizing that clubs in near proximity often face similar challenges, and that some clubs are struggling with capacity to manage club roles (Board of Directors), ATVBC did some brainstorming at the October 2021 Directors Conference.  The idea of regional club coalitions, similar to 4WDABC’s structure was discussed, along with various hybrids of ATVBC’s current structure.

The ATVBC Board recognizes that there may not be one solution that works for all regions and will consult with clubs to learn what their needs are and if they have any suggested solutions.  This was also discussed at the November 23 All Club Presidents’ Zoom call.


ATVBC has issued a call to its committees to submit budget items to the Finance Committee in December for budget discussions for ATVBC’s 2022-2023 fiscal year.  Clubs are welcome to suggest projects or programs they would like to see included in the budget.


ATVBC has 5,016 members as of November 17, 2021.  Members renewing or joining online will pay via credit card via Stripe going forward, rather than PayPal.


While hiring a new General Manager for ATVBC is underway, staff and directors are filling in where they can.  The General Manager position is advertised on, Charity Village, Facebook, BC Jobs, and the ATVBC website.

ATVBC hiring

  ATVBC Raffle Early Bird Draw December 11, 2021

Call to purchase tickets between December 1 – December 10 at 250-554-7823 or purchase online at