Coming off the success of our annual face-to-face meeting in October, this month has been busy with our committees working on the building of our tactical plans for 2024.

We have a lot of great ideas on how we can build up and support our membership in 2024 to highlight the value of ATVBC and our clubs.

This month we have been sharing our members concerns and advocating for more support from govt in a few key events including during our annual in-person meeting with the BC Power Sports Coalition (BCPSC) and Recreation Sites and Trails (RSTBC). This annual meeting focused on the vision of RSTBC and BCPSC over the next 5 years, communications between organizations, the ORV trail fund and the Trail best practices guidelines project. We were very encouraged by the conversations we were able to have at this table.

On Nov 30th we were invited to a ORCBC Meeting with Parliamentary Secretary Aman Singh, and I was asked to speak on the need for building capacity in the Outdoor Recreation sector to support sustainability and growth. This meeting was very well attended, and I am encouraged by Mr. Singh’s expressed desire to continue meeting with our organizations moving forward.

Work continued this month on advocating for better clarification and transparency on land access and de- activation decisions. This file will be an ongoing project for us at ATVBC as we continue to work with government and key stakeholders to gain better understanding and find ways to share our concerns.

We received a response to our joint letter with the 4-wheel drive association of BC on the DFO decision to shut down vehicle access to Gill Bar in Chilliwack. An update to our joint position on this shutdown will be coming out in the next few days.

Lastly, we have continued our work supporting clubs looking to promote ORV tourism opportunities to their community through the use of ORV bylaws and MV permits. We are working with a number of communities that are interested in adopting new bylaws to allow for atvs to ride into town to access amenities. If your community is interested in bringing this project forward, please reach out to us so we can support you with the resources you need to get started.

Overall, a busy month of advocacy, collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders, all while building the plans for how we will move forward in 2024.

Before we get to busy in the rush of the holidays, I want to bring back a message I shared in October regarding the importance and value of our volunteers. Volunteers are the life blood of the outdoor sector and current volunteers are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. We know this, we hear you, and we are doing everything we can to advocate for more resources. Many clubs struggle with not having enough volunteers to do the work that is expected, and this is where I encourage YOU, if you are not already giving your time, to reach out to your club and offer to help. Even just a few hours on a specific project can mean the world to these hard-working volunteers. As we move into the holiday season, consider giving back with a donation of your time to help strengthen your club and support your volunteers. Your club would not be here without them!

AND if you can’t give your time, maybe give your donation. Our 50/50 draw is about to end on Dec 15th and the pot is growing daily. If you buy a ticket, you are donating a portion of the proceeds to your club AND helping to raise funds for our annual Trail Maintenance Grant program. A WIN WIN for everyone!

Support your local clubs and purchase your ticket today!!! Go online to see what the prize pot is at today and watch it grow!

Until next month, stay warm, ride safe, ride smart! Cheers,