As per the requirements of our insurance provider, as of May 1, 2022 all new and renewing members and anyone participating in ATVBC or ATVBC Club events are required to accept the Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement (waiver).


Everyone who joins or renews online as of May 1, 2022 will have accepted the waiver. For those attending rides and events who have not yet completed the waiver (or are required by your club to resubmit), you may complete the waiver by visiting our Waiver page to submit either:



This waiver remains valid for ATVBC and ATVBC club sanctioned events for a maximum 12 month period following the date of the waiver acknowledgement or until membership expires (for members).


Waivers by non-members (guests at ride/events) are valid only for that individual event.


Non-members and guest riders are still welcome on rides provided they read, understand and sign the waiver. Waivers by non-members (guests at ride/events) are valid only for that individual event. Guests who participate in more than a few events per year must be encouraged to become a member of ATVBC and the club, in order to protect club volunteers (membership provides insurance coverage for club directors).


Why Waivers?


We understand this is yet another thing being asked of volunteer club members but it has been made abundantly clear by our insurance provider the importance of having a signed waiver for everyone participating in ATVBC and ATVBC Club events.


ATVBC will regularly be sending reports to clubs with a list of members with current waivers.


Please be patient and report any problems with the new Waiver process to [email protected]. As with any new process we anticipate a learning curve and bugs we haven’t discovered. We are working on a complete revamp of the website, improvements to the waiver process and an app that will allow waivers to be taken via a phone or tablet in areas without cell service.