The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is the American partner organization of the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) whose mission is the ongoing education and training of the general public on the safe and responsible use of ORVs.

Together NOVHCC and COHV develops and provides a wide spectrum of programs, materials and information to further a positive future for responsible ORV recreation (our southern friends use the term OHV “off-highway vehicle”)

With Mission Objectives focused on improving and promoting responsible ORV recreation, strengthening clubs, and providing best management practices, we learn the importance of:

  • promoting a positive ORV recreation image to the general public
  • building a better understanding of responsible ORV recreation
  • improving the public perception of ORV recreation

The better educated the ORV public is about rules, regulations, natural resources, land ethics, and safe operation of off-road vehicles the better we will be perceived by the general public.

If we emphasize the benefits of responsible recreation behaviour and raise awareness of the impacts from irresponsible recreation activity with ongoing education and tools to further a positive future, and resist posting negative actions, and photos of rogue behaviour we can build recognition and acceptance that ORV recreation is a positive activity and promotes a responsible lifestyle.

A club’s standing in the community is vitally important and depends largely upon the conduct of its members and activities the club undertakes, so please remember to post positive messaging, photos, and educational links and resources, to promote responsible ORV use, and ultimately improve the public perception of ORV recreation.