ATVBC President Ralph Matthews
ATVBC President Ralph Mathews (credit Doug Williamson)

Hello everyone!

I hope all have had a great summer riding season as we now move into fall and hopefully a drier one. 

ATVBC Board of Directors

At the AGM I forgot to introduce all the new Directors for 2019-2020. Myself as President, Lance Anderson 1st Vice President, Greg Smith 2nd Vice President, Allen Walker Treasurer, and Bob Stewart Secretary. 

We have three new faces this year: Dave Mackintosh, Blair Cook, and Dave Webb.  So welcome aboard I know I’m a little late getting this done but I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff both personal and ATVBC related.

The ATVBC Board of Directors will meet in Kamloops later this month to discuss club assignments, committees and plans for 2020.

2019/2020 ATVBC Board of Directors

Canadian Quad Council meeting

Shortly after the ATVBC AGM I was headed to Quebec for the CQC AGM (Canadian Quad Council formerly the AQCC).  This year it was held outside of Quebec City in the area of Thetford Mines.  We had presentations from a few of the other federations in Canada.  We heard from New Brunswick which was having their 20th anniversary. While they are one of the smaller provinces they have a large membership as membership is mandatory there.

We also heard from Nova Scotia, which most of you heard at the Face to Face in Princeton in 2019.  The one I found very interesting was from Quebec who has an annual budget of 27 million dollars a year (for both quads and snowmobiles).  They just bought a new office in Montreal as the old was getting too small for the 15 full-time employees and all the stuff that they have in stock. 

A lot of Quebec’s funds come from the sale of trail passes, club fees, federation fees and the government.  While there we did get to go for a couple of rides and it is a lot different than riding here in BC. Most trails are anywhere from 10 to 20 feet wide and some are even paved as they are roadways into small towns.  It was a very interesting trip and was glad that I made it.

Resolution B121 passed at the UBCM convention

By now you have heard that resolution B121 passed at the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM). I would like to thank everyone who helped out on this project.  This doesn’t mean things will change right away we still have to wait for government to pass the resolution into law and we do know how fast they move. 

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During September’s Board of Directors meeting grant funding was approved for the Arrow Lakes and Revelstoke Club. Learn more about 2019 projects supported by ATVBC grant funding and start planning your 2020 project.

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