Princeton ATV Club – November 18, 2019

Princeton Town Council voted to accept a one year conditional trial for mixed use on the KVR (Kettle Valley Railway within town boundaries.

Access pending…..

The new rules will not be effective until local ATV groups and the Town of Princeton have addressed all safety measures and signage. Please do not use the trail until all conditions have been met and a formal announcement that the trail is ready to be used.

ATV access on KVR

The conditions include an east route to Twin River Park, and a west route to just before Subway. This will allow registered and insured ORV users walk in access from staging areas for food and fuel. There will remain a closed portion of the trail from twin rivers park to subway, due to liability issues of the underpass.

Responsible riding!

Please ride responsibly and respect this privilege, this has been a very long time coming, thank you everyone.

Economic win for Princeton businesses

The decision to open the trail from Subway to Coalmont/Tulameen and from Twin Rivers Park to Summerland is an economic win for our business community,  a positive step forward for tourism and an opportunity for ORV enthusiasts to access amenities.

Advocacy works!

Although this decision is not exactly what local clubs have been lobbying for, it is a positive step forward.

Today, after over three years we can all be proud of what we have accomplished and have proven that diplomatic perseverance prevails.

The Princeton ATV Club board of directors would like to thank Princeton Town Council, administration, our many club members, local businesses, ATVBC, Similkameen Valley Riders ATV Club, Valley Riders ATV Club, Vermilion Trails Society and all those who supported our efforts.

Summerland to Brookmere route

We will continue to lobby provincial government to complete the route from Summerland to Brookmere.

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