Near Squamish:

Barrens Expeditions is an adventure tourism company that is proposing to develop and operate a wilderness lodge on Crown land, near the summit of Brohm Ridge, north east of the community of Squamish, BC. The proposal involves an access road and water infrastructure. The company is not seeking approval to conduct guided adventure tours on land adjacent to the lodge, but it is the company’s objective, through development of the wilderness lodge, to provide a unique wilderness experience, both summer and winter, for their guests. File 2412068 – Eco Lodge, File 2412081 – Roadway, File 2412082 – Water line  

For additional information and to view maps etc. for the project, visit and search for Crown Land File #: 2412068

Near Golden:

Proponent has applied for an amendment to their existing snowmobile Licence of Occupation. They currently operate in the winter only (snowmobiling purpose), and are not proposing year-round activities and improvements. The proponent wishes to add the following to their tenure: 

  • Additional terrain/trails for snowmobiling and other proposed activities (outlined further in management plan)
  • Snowcat tours
  • Ice fishing tours
  • Off-road vehicle tours in the spring/summer/fall season
  • Two Intensive Use Sites: Wiseman Lake and Cedar Lake
  • Potential base area, including base cabin, guest cabin, storage/repair facility, outhouse, pit toilet and parking

Comments and questions: This application is not to our knowledge listed on the Applications, Comments and Reasons for decisions website. Questions or comments should be directed to Erin Keith, FrontCounter BC Authorizations Officer at (250) 426-1782 or [email protected]

Near Spillimacheen:

This amendment application would allow a new fuel storage and rescue facility in the remote area of the East Creek drainage. The application area would be located at 50?44’19.08″N, 116?50’38.22″W, at an elevation of 2150 meters. The proposed site is approximately 125 meters wide by 280 meters long with an Area of 35,000 square meters / 3.5 Hectares. The site sits in an open, rocky glade holding elevation-specific, mature Spruce and Fir.  CMH Bugaboos Heli-Skiing operation take place throughout the East Creek Drainage and the surrounding high glaciated terrain that feeds East Crk. The Bugaboo Lodge is located approximately 10.5kms to the East of the proposed fuel storage area. During Heli-Ski Operations in upper East Creek, Geigrich Creek, Malloy and the Conrad Icefield CMH have relied on refueling at Bugaboo Lodge. This poses a significant logistical challenge to service our 4 group heli-ski program whilst maintaining a suitable margin for flight safety. Upper East Creek requires the use of difficult, high elevation landings. To further the flight safety and to better utilize this part of tenure, CHM proposed that the new storage would greatly benefit from a remote fuel cache. The pilots will be able to fly with less fuel on board, thus providing a greater safety margin for them and the guests. There will also be a rescue cache on site, which will aid the response to incidences that might occur. The amendment site is found in RDCK jurisdiction but this entire tenure area is found in multiple regional districts. The tenure and helicopters will likely be flying over the Bugaboo Park from the lodge to the new fuel cache.

Comments and questions: This application is not to our knowledge listed on the Applications, Comments and Reasons for decisions website. Questions or comments should be directed to Katherine Upward, FrontCounter BC Tenures Forester at (250) 365-8633 or [email protected]

Near Gibson, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton:

The applicant is applying for the use of 5,068.61 ha of Crown land, near the communities of Gibson, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton BC, for guided non-motorized biking and hiking tours. The applicant has been offering guided tours for many years within the Whistler area under permits with the Resort Municipality of Whistler and BC Parks. All tours will be based out of their bike rental shop in Whistler with the majority remaining in the Whistler area. Trails in the other locations will require vehicular motorized transport. Local partnerships would also allow for tour trips combining biking and hiking with other recreational businesses such as rafting and ziplining activities. Aside from contributing to the maintenance of the trail networks being used, there are no improvements planned.

For additional visit and search by File no. 2411750. Click here for direct link.

Responses should be directed to Kevin Walker at [email protected] or 604-586-4409


Authorization under section 57 of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) to construct, rehabilitate or maintain a trail or recreation facility on Crown land or to legally designate Crown land under section 56 of FRPA for a recreation trail or recreation site.

For additional information and to view the applicant’s management plan, visit and search by File no. 329856.

Responses should be directed to Tim Bennett, District Recreation Officer Cascades (Merritt) by email [email protected]