The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC is notifying the public about a public comment period regarding a crown land application for adventure tourism / commercial recreation in the Golden, BC area.

Intended Land Use/background context: The proponent has applied for an extensive use area for hiking, and an intensive use area for a backcountry hut (within the extensive use area). All access is via helicopter from a staging area on private land, in Donald. Guests are flown in at the start of the trip, and out at the end. Once at the lodge, movement throughout the area is on foot. Guest trips are three and four days, mid-June to early October. The intensive use area includes a hut to house 12 guests and three staff, a sauna/shower hut, heli pad, and outhouse. The proposal includes trail building of four trails within the extensive use area, ~10 km of new trail, to be built by hand using shovels/picks and professional trail builders. Tree cutting is proposed for the intensive use area. 

BCGS Mapsheet: 82N.065  

Legal Description: Unsurveyed crown land in the vicinity of Bluewater Creek

Size (Area) in ha. (approx.): 3305 ha

Term of Proposal: 30 years

For additional information, download the referral package

Questions or comments should be directed to Erin Keith, FrontCounter BC Authorizations Officer (250) 426-1782 or [email protected]