ATVBC Director / Staff conference

Over the weekend of October 15-17, 2021 the ATVBC Board of Directors and staff met to set goals and determine activities for 2022, and to discuss the management and operations of the Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia. This was the first in-person director and staff meeting since Fall 2019 and the meeting was very productive. Those who couldn’t attend in person participated via Zoom.

Directors were able to cover a wide range of topics and despite a packed agenda and limited timeline, all agenda items received good coverage.

ATVBC Committees

Directors and staff were assigned to committees, and committee chairs were chosen. ATVBC has 17 committees assigned to create and manage events, and the annual ATVBC raffle, to represent ATVBC and its members to external associations, to develop and share safety information and programs (like the Trail Ambassador Program), to work through trail, environment and land issues, membership growth and retention, ATVBC policies and procedures, and communications.

Committees report to the Board of Directors monthly to discuss their progress and for board approval of expenditures or activities, as required.

Motor Vehicle Closures

Just prior to the conference, ATVBC President Chris D’Silva received notice of proposed motor vehicle closures set to impact up to 550,000 hectares of land, primarily in the Thompson Okanagan area, because of the devastation caused by wildfires.

ATVBC advocates for environmentally sustainable motorized use of BC’s trail systems and backwoods while working to maintain rider access across the province.

ATVBC President Chris D’Silva met with other motorized user groups to discuss issues of concern, communication with government regarding the closures, and a re-opening plan. Concerns focused on the blanket closure of a vast region and the lack of a re-opening date or plan.

The proposed motor vehicle use closure became a reality soon after the ATVBC directors conference, impacting the riding area of 15 ATVBC affiliated clubs. ATVBC continues to work on this file and updates will be provided as information becomes available.

Hiring of Contractor General Manager

ATVBC Directors and staff drafted a job description for the currently vacant position of a contract General Manager who will also represent ATVBC and its clubs and members with regards to land issues. The job description has been circulated to a number of different venues and ATVBC hopes to fill the position soon.

ATVBC events

With COVID-19 and wildfires impacting ATVBC and Club events over the past two years, the ATVBC Board of Directors discussed how to best plan for successful events in 2022. Prior to the pandemic, ATVBC hosted an annual ATV Poker Ride, an AGM in conjunction with an ATV Jamboree, a public conference for ATV/UTV enthusiasts to learn more about safe and responsible ORV use, and a variety of tradeshows.

Watch for details about 2022 events coming soon! Directors and staff are working hard to ensure events are held in several regions across British Columbia. If your club is interested in partnering with ATVBC to host an event, email [email protected].

ATVBC Operations Planning

Planning for 2022/2023 is underway. ATVBC has seen incredible growth over the past three years, and is now in the planning stages to determine its main priorities and goals, associated activities and events, budgets, and how ATVBC will measure its progress. This will culminate in the creation of an annual operating plan. This process will include an invitation to clubs and members to provide feedback, method to be determined.

ATVBC Operations

ATVBC operations filled the rest of the agenda, with discussions about grant funding, membership books and membership database, dual sport clubs, regional ATV clubs and raffles. Further information about these topics will be made available as planning proceeds.


ATVBC welcomes constructive feedback on its operations and management and invites members and clubs to provide input.