The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) publishes monthly ATV sales statistics. The graph below shows record setting sales for nearly every month in 2020. With more ORVs on the trails in 2021 safe, responsible and environmentally sustainable riding is even more important to prevent accidents and protect environmentally sensitive habitats.


Numbers don’t include SxS’s

Those record setting numbers don’t include sales of SxS’s, which are currently not reported on by the COHV. We do know, however, that each year more consumers are purchasing side-by-sides instead of quads.

National Powersport Auctions COO Jim Woodruff told MPN last year that SxS sales are up over 300% since 2006 compared to ATV sales, which were down by a third

Safety education and training – accident prevention

Recognizing that ATV and SxS use is increasing in popularity as people use ORV’s to experience nature, access backcountry destinations and tour British Columbia, ATVBC and its 41 affiliated ATV clubs are building on their focus of educating riders about safe riding. Subscribe to ATVBC’s newsletter by emailing [email protected] or follow ATVBC on Facebook at to learn more, read regular safety tips, and become a safer rider! Get training via certified instructors, information here:

ATVBC’s role in safe, responsible and environmentally sustainable ORV use

The Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia (ATVBC) was formed in 2001 to provide leadership in off-road vehicle (ORV) use. ATVBC promotes the safe, responsible, environmentally sustainable use of ORVs and advocates for and provides funding for mixed-used publicly accessible trails throughout British Columbia.

ATVBC played an instrumental role in advocating for a provincial ORV strategy to ensure the positive aspects of ORV recreation and tourism is realized while reducing or eliminating negative effects on the environment and other users. In 2002 ATVBC participated in the Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off-Road Vehicles which submitted 47 recommendations to the provincial government along with a request for the government to develop the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Many of the Coalitions recommendations form part of the current ORV Act that “promises certainty, safety and regulatory structure for thousands of off-road enthusiasts.”

Speak up for Outdoor Recreation

ATVBC is encouraging its members and the public to “Speak up for Outdoor Recreation” through a campaign created by the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC (ORC). The ORC has made it easy for British Columbians to send letters to their MLAs to increase the Rec Sites and Trails budget.

Ride responsibly – environmentally sustainable ORV use

ATVBC provides trails grant funding to ATV clubs across British Columbia, funding projects that move trails out of environmentally sensitive habitats, builds bridges over water crossings and provides trail signage that informs riders to stay on trails.

Increased funding for Rec Sites and Trails will not only provide the public with more opportunities to engage with natural environments, it will also crate more environmentally sustainable backcountry recreation by providing suitable locations for recreation of all types.

ATVBC supports education, awareness, and enforcement. Educating users will enable people to become aware and make informed decisions when in environmentally sensitive areas.

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