What’s your view of ATVBC?

ATVBC has, for a number of years, operated under the slogan “Protecting Your Right To Ride”.


It is time to update our message to reflect changing conditions and values.  To that end, we invite input from our members for their ideas as to how ATVBC should operate, and what its priorities should be, and then to express that sentiment in a few words that will fit letterhead, business cards, and web pages.


Examples of phrases that have been given consideration to date include:

  • Your voice to government

  • See BC from the seat of your choice

  • Promoting your freedom to ride

  • Promoting access to great riding experiences

  • Protecting your riding area


Submissions need to be:

  • Original

  • Concise

  • Easily understood

  • Unambiguous (but double entendres may be beneficial)

  • Positive

  • Reflective of your priorities for ATVBC services to its members


Please forward your ideas to Wayne  on or before 20 December 2016.  In addition to receiving recognition on our website, Facebook page, and newsletter, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to the success and future development of ATVBC.


Thanks, in advance,

Wayne Mercer

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