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Everything you need to know about registering and insuring your Off-Road Vehicle

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Registration and insurance for Off Road Vehicles can be complicated – and expensive.  Click here for more information. ATVBC, with its partner CapriCMW can help!  CapriCMW has provided a helpful guide, below.  If you still have questions about insuring or registering your quad, SxS, or other Off Road Vehicle give them a call at 1-800-670-1877 or visit their website at

For the benefit of our club and association clients, we created Got Toys insurance for the club members personal ATV’s, snowmobiles, trail bikes, and dune buggies. Currently we offer liability up to $2,000,000, Accident Benefits and physical damage options of all risk, comprehensive or specified perils.  Discounts are available to club members, and further discounts for safety training courses and immobilizers are also available if you qualify.

Beacon makes it easy to insure your client’s off-road vehicles (including ATVs, snowmobiles, off-road bikes, and snow bikes) in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our policy provides Physical Damage coverage options, with either an All Risk or Specified Perils policy wording.

Please operate your machine within the manufacturers recommendations.

2-Up Position of ATVBC

At the request of our ATVBC member clubs we have sought clarification from our insurance provider on the subject of having 2 riders on a 1 rider ATV. We have been informed by our insurance provider, that if any incident were to occur with an ATV while being operated with more than the manufactured recommendedpassengers, that ATVBC, its member clubs and volunteers could be held liable.

So, for the protection of members, Clubs and the boards of directors of ATVBC, we cannot allow passengers on a single quad at any ATVBC sanctioned events.

ATVBC Rider Policy

It is the responsibility of each member to know and understand the Manufacturer’s recommended rider/passenger capacity of their ATV/UTV and operate within those restrictions.

Due to the safety concerns and requirements of the ATVBC liability insurance, ATVBC cannot allow for use of a machine outside manufacturer’s recommended capacity at ATVBC sanctioned events.