Combine an ATV Poker Ride with beautiful scenery, a variety of trails, ATV riding, camping, and your GPS and head to Revelstoke for a completely COVID-19 friendly event with the Revelstoke ATV Club’s annual Three Valley Gap GPS ride!

Participate while social distancing, at your leisure – the event starts on June 26th and runs through to September 30, 2021. Note – event extended to September 30, 2021.

The hard working volunteer event organizers have made changes to the annual event to ensure COVID-19 Public Health Orders (PHOs) and guidelines can be met while participating in the event. Full refunds will be given to anyone unable to attend because of their need to self-isolate or due to any illness.

  • If you want to learn how to use your GPS better – this event is for you!
  • If you love geocaching – this event is for you!
  • If you want to meet, camp and ride show up at this event! Head out with whatever group size public health orders allow at any time this summer.

2021 Event Changes

  • Markers will be placed in three areas (36 markers in each area) Wap / Mabel area, Shelter Bay area, and North / Fork Gorge area.
  • Camp and ride from any of the three locations
  • No onsite sales of hands (register online)
  • No onsite verification of hands
  • No onsite amenities provided by the event organizer
  • No onsite event support – plan to be self sufficient!
  • Full refunds will be offered to anyone who is unable to attend because of their need to self-isolate or due to any illness.

Thirty-six GPS markers in each of three areas

The GPS Poker Hands

Each purchased hand will have GPS coordinates for four random GPS markers. Each hand will have an initial random value assigned. The hand with the highest value is the winner. You must find all the markers on your hand in order to have it entered for prizes. The more hands you complete the better your odds of winning, but because of the random value and blind drawing of numbered balls from a rotating drum even beginners with only one hand completed can win – and that happens!

Hands will be emailed prior to June 26, 2021. Completed hands must be returned, via email to the Revelstoke ATV Club at [email protected] by September 30, 2021 latest. *Note – event extended – new deadline for card submission is September 30. Once received the marker serial numbers will be verified and the submitter will be notified by email that the hand has been accepted as complete.


Although the Three Valley Gap GPS Poker Ride is an important fundraiser for the Revelstoke ATV Club, they are generous with their prizes!

There will be three winners, one for each marker area.  The prize will be 25% of net hand sales (after allowing for raffle ticket purchases) within a marker area.  The holder(s) of the hand(s) with the highest score in a marker area to receive the prize for that marker area. 

Funds raised from the event support the great work the Revelstoke ATV Club does for trail users in the Revelstoke area for projects like printing of maps, trail development and trail maintenance.

The club will be working on the Sproat Lookout in 2021, replacing the outhouse, repairing damage, improving the trail to increase the number of passing points and clearing brush.

A prize pool of 25% of the total value of hands sold (net of raffle ticket purchases). The prize pool will be shared among the three marker areas with each marker area to receive its proportionate share. The holder(s) of the hand(s) with the highest score in a marker area to receive the prize for that marker area.

Additionally, an ATVBC raffle ticket will be gifted to all participants for each set of three hands purchased. Raffle tickets will be sent out in September 2021.

Where to Camp

  • Shelter Bay Provincial Campground
  • Rec Sites and Trails BC Campground at Eagle Bay
  • Eagle Valley Campground
  • Dry camping at the bottom of the Perry River
  • Dry camping in gravel pit at the start of Wap Forest Service Road
  • Dry camping at the Frog Falls Recreation Site on Wap Forest Service Road

Once you’ve decided where you are camping, let the Revelstoke ATV Club know which area(s) you would like to ride so you are assigned markers as appropriate.


  • three hands from each of the areas for a total of nine hands
  • all hands from the same area
  • any combination of the above

Reminder – you will cover a LOT of ground during this event – be sure to pack extra fuel!

Register via email

All communication will be done via email to [email protected] GPS Poker Ride hands will only be sold via email, with preferred payment by etransfer. Cheques are an option but hands will not be issued until the cheque clears the bank.

Single hands (4 markers) are $15

Three hands (12 markers and an ATVBC raffle ticket) $40

Incentive pricing – Nine hands (36 markers and 3 ATVBC raffle tickets, a set of three hands for each marker area) $105.

Register early – hands will be mailed out beginning on June 26, 2021.

When purchasing your hand(s) we have to know the area from which you would like to have your hands built.  When we prepare the hands we can have all the hands selected from a single marker area, or we can have hands issued from different marker areas.  What we cannot do is have a hand with markers from different areas.  All markers for a hand will be from the same marker area.  When purchasing 9 hands at the incentive price of $105 we will issue 3 hands from each marker area.

When individuals buy their hands they must provide us with their proper first and last name, address, City, Province, Postal Code, email address and phone number so that we can gift them the ATVBC raffle ticket(s).

All participants must commit to following the directions and advice of the Province of British Columbia’s Public Health Officer, obey all BC ORV Act regulations and follow best practices for use of Forest Service Roads. Learn more: Traveling and Parking on Resource Roads – Resource Road User Safety Guide and Using ORVs on Resource Roads.

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