ATVBC President Ralph Matthews
Photo credit Doug Williamson

As I sit in the office one day before Groundhog Day, it’s snowing heavily outside and blowing as well.  ATVBC had a Board of Director’s call about a week ago and lots of things were discussed.

We did get an update on the raffle tickets which will be professionally printed soon and will be available at the Sportsmen’s Show in Abbotsford March 6 – 8. Tickets will be sent to clubs shortly thereafter. 

I would like to thank all the clubs that do sell tickets and encourage others that this is a fundraiser for both ATVBC and your club as the most funds that come from the raffle are disbursed to clubs via grants.

Over the past 4 years the raffle has given us about $100,000 dollars in grants to hand out to clubs.  If you have received a Raffle grant and haven’t sold any tickets please thinks about selling some tickets to help out other clubs with their grants because the more we sell, the more we can hand out.

Speaking of grants, the ORV grants are out and so if your club is considering a projects please have a look at the current funding opportunities.

For the past nine months we have been trying to put together an AD&D insurance package for those clubs who might be interested in having it but we are still trying to work all the bugs out to make it work.

ATVBC ATV and SxS events
ATVBC ATV and SxS events

As far as events go for this year we of course have the ATVBC Poker Ride in Logan Lake again which is coinciding with the the District of Logan Lake’s 50th Anniversary so lot of things are planned over the week so check out the links to it plus online registration is now set up.  We also have the 2020 Kootenay Rockies ATV Jamboree and ATVBC AGM in July this year a month earlier than usual. You can also click on the links to see what is planned for what I see KRATV have a lot of great rides planned.  Just remember that the camping registration and the Jamboree registration are two separate items.  

This year the 2020 ATVBC F2F is being held in Chilliwack at the red barns,  we are working with BC Outdoors Magazine to host this show. The dates for the show are April 17, 18, 19.  Watch for more info and updates for registration. 

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