Thank you for visiting, we’re asking for your support for ORV Tourism in Rural Communities by voting Yes to Resolution B121.

Rural communities hard hit by the downturn in the forest industry need your support to develop quality ORV Tourism opportunities as a catalyst for their economies. ORV Tourism can bring much needed tourist dollars, economic development and employment.

An estimated 495,000 ATV Tourists live within a one-day drive of B.C.

Why the changes proposed in Resolution B121?

The current process to obtain Operational Permits is onerous and not conducive to convenient access to trail networks connecting multiple communities.

For example, the North Island Community ORV Route makes use of over 1,000 km of Forest Service Roads to connect 10 North Island communities. ORV Tourists wishing to ride this route must first visit each of the 10 communities by car to obtain an Operating Permit in each community before they can commence their journey by ORV.

Forcing tourists to visit each community by car before their trip is a waste of administrative time (often the RCMP in the community) to obtain a permit for each community and only something the most determined ORV Tourist will undertake, meaning a lost tourism opportunity for these communities.

What changes does Resolution B121 propose?

  • Only one (1) Operation Permit required for approved access to multiple jurisdictions and/or communities along a connecting designated ORV route and trail network issued in any of the jurisdictions or communities along the route.
  • Operation Permits can be issued by any local RCMP or local government along a designated route.
  • Operation Permit term extended from 2 to 5 years to align with the driver’s license term.

What Resolution B121 does not do:

  • Create an ORV free-for-all. B121 ensures each community retains the right to determine if ORV use is permitted within their jurisdiction.
  • Change the laws or regulations governing riding anywhere off of designated roadways.
  • Change the laws governing ORV use pertaining to safety and protection of the environment.