ATVBC President Chris D’Silva’s September 2022 report

Hard to believe that summer is nearly over, and opportunities to ride are starting to taper off, especially for those with kids going back to school. It has been a busy summer for most of us, and thankfully between the lesser number of wildfires and the many days of sunshine, we have all had the chance to get in more riding than we did in 2021.

We here at ATVBC are gearing up for the coming year to make some of the changes that we have been talking about, such as providing more support and information to all of the clubs in the province. Kristin and Carrie are settling well into their new positions and we have already seen some improvement in the way that ATVBC is doing things.


On the subject of insurance, as you are probably now aware, ATVBC has switched their insurance provider from Oasis to Capri. We do want to reassure you that this change will not affect how or where clubs and your members get their own insurance. Everyone is still free to go with which ever insurance best meets their needs. We will be publishing a handbook on insurance for everyone’s information very shortly.

2022 ATVBC Planning

2022 ATVBC Planning Meeting – Directors and Staff

The Board of Directors will hold their annual face to face in Kamloops in mid-October, and it looks like we will have a full agenda for discussion. Topics will include changes to our bylaws; developing longer route trails similar to the North 1000 and the Clinton to Wells Trail; insurance updates and changes; the ORV grant process, and many others.

ATV Trail Grants

Regarding the ORV Trail Fund grants, and to some degree the grants from ATVBC, we are looking to making changes to simplify and streamline the process. We are also working with RSTBC on the application form so that it is easier to complete. ATVBC, along with BCORMA and BCSF are hoping that this will encourage more clubs to apply for grants. Last year there were only 17 projects funded and money was left in the pool. So, start thinking about the projects that you would like to see in 2023.

2022 ATVBC Raffle

Buy an ATVBC 50/50  Ticket soon! #SupportYourSport

The other item that I would like to bring to everyone’s attention, is the ATVBC annual raffle. This is one of our biggest fundraisers and as you know, the money raised goes back to the clubs in the form of grants. I would really urge you to support the raffle and to encourage your friends, relatives, neighbours and anyone else you can think of to buy a ticket. Remember a $10 ticket give you a chance at the $20,000 first prize. For every ticket sale that your club is credited with
your club will get a portion of the proceeds. Here is the link to where you can buy your tickets:

So, for now, here’s to continued good weather and more riding this fall. Please remember to ride with care and safely.

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