WOW what a busy September it has been as I have travelled around the province each week for meetings with stakeholders and government to talk about the needs of ATVBC clubs and members and the future of ORV Recreation in BC.

What a difference a month makes, as last reported in August, I talked about putting a hold on our advocacy efforts to allow the province to focus on firefighting efforts. This month as the rains started to arrive, we returned to our advocacy focus areas addressing deactivations in the central Kootenays, regulation changes for access management agreements in the Kootenays, and continuing to reach out to communities interested in joining our efforts to bring our policy B121 from UBCM forward to government to push for access to amenities for ATV/ORV in communities.

I had the opportunity to attend the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) conference and tradeshow in Vancouver last week to further discuss B121. This conference gave me the opportunity to speak to communities around the province on the value of ORV Tourism and discuss the UBCM policies that focus on key issues needing attention by the province to move ORV Tourism forward. I am encouraged by the engagement of the attendees to the conference and UBCM tradeshow and excited to see where this project will lead. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

It was also great to catchup with many old friends and colleagues from the Chamber network to share the work of ATVBC and how we can work together.

Beyond the weekly travel this month, we have been busy coordinating the renewal of our annual insurance coverage for our clubs. Special thanks to our friends at CapriCMW Acera for making this year’s renewal process more streamlined. New insurance booklets and annual coverage confirmations will be sent to clubs shortly.


The annual Member Survey is coming to a close Sept 30th. We have had a great response so far and the preliminary results are very interesting!!

I do admit, I did forget to include an important part in this survey and that was a place to add suggestions, ideas and general comments. I have had a few emails asking for this, however once it was launched, I couldn’t make any changes. I do encourage you to email me directly if you have more to share that was not covered in the survey. We are working hard with staff and the board directors to address the needs of our members. Please reach out and tell us how we can serve you better. please email me at [email protected]

In case you forgot it, here is the link to the survey for quick and easy sharing!


 Our long-time supporter and corporate member FortNine have requested to “put a pause on partnerships beyond the current season”. What does this mean for members? All member discounts will be paused effective end of October. The FortNine team will be reviewing all their partnership agreements in the coming months, and we will work with them to bring forward a new member program in the near future.  We want to thank the team at FortNine for providing great benefits to our members and to ATVBC over the years and look forward to what new programs we can work together on in the future.

 Learn more about our corporate members on our website at

50/50 DRAWS

Summer is over and so is our Spring/Summer 50/50 draw. Congratulations to our lucky winner!

What would you do with an extra $7,000 in your pocket? $10,000? What about $20,000?

Our Fall/Winter 50/50 draw is now open with a closing date of Dec 15th and the pot is growing daily!!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your tickets.

Have you seen the latest list of sales by club? How is your club doing? Are you leading in the sales? Or falling short? It’s so easy to sell, just share the club link with your friends, family, riding partners and encourage them to buy. Also, what a great Christmas gift to give to a loved one!!

Support your local clubs and purchase your ticket today!!! Go online to see what the prize pot is at today and watch it grow!

ATVBC is hiring

Lastly. we are excited to announce we are looking to add another amazing person to the ATVBC team. Check out our ads on indeed for the part-time position of Marketing and Programs Coordinator. If you know someone who is interested in working with a group of dedicated ATV enthusiasts, passionate about growing our sport, send them our way!

Until next month, ride safe, ride smart!