We are well into Fall and the weather is changing. Still time to get out and ride though. The colours of the leaves at this time of year can be quite spectacular and having the ability to get out into the back country to see some of the colours, is one of the great advantages to our sport.

We do still need to be careful. While the cooler and in some cases wetter weather has helped reduce the wildfire situation, it is still very dry so please take the necessary precautions when riding.

I, along with many others including ATVBC’s Executive Director Kristin Parsons, attended a very interesting session in Kamloops put on by John Hawkings called “Recreation Strategy and Service Transformation”. John, as many of you know was the Executive Director for RSTBC, he now has a new role as Executive Lead, Recreation Strategy and Service Transformation. In this role, he is gathering information to develop a shared vision of outdoor recreation service delivery to position the Province of BC and Indigenous communities to plan, develop and/or manage the diverse range of outdoor recreation opportunities balancing public interests, conservation and stewardship.

This particular session was the last of 4 sessions, two of which were virtual and two that were in person. This one in Kamloops had about 60 people in attendance. It was interesting to hear the different points of view from a very diverse group of people. I think we probably raised more questions than delivered answers. Once we have more information on what came out of those sessions, we will share it with you.  In the meantime, please review the slide deck on our website for those of you who like to learn more about this topic.

We are now only two weeks away from the ATVBC Directors’ annual in person meeting. As usual, we have a wide range of topics to cover and a full day session on setting our strategic plan. Some of the items we will cover include the results of what you have told us in the member survey, how both ATVBC and the clubs grow membership, safety training, wildfires and if and how ATV clubs might be involved, and many others. I sure we will have a lot to share with you after the weekend.

Well, that’s it for now, so get out and enjoy the rest of the Fall as best you can.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris DSilva