Calling all Riders – northern ATV riders and snowmobilers in Tumbler Ridge and Fort St. John (South Peace) region need your support! (scroll down for engagement tools)

The Draft Winter Motorized Recreation Management Plan for the South Peace Caribou Recovery released for public consultation on May 19, 2021 is not supported by recreational stakeholders.

After months and hundreds of hours of consultation by members of the South Peace Snowmobile Advisory Committee engaging with government to prepare a recommendation report based on meaningful consultation, the draft management plan has failed to take the Committee’s Recommendations into consideration.

See post from the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation with Committee Recommendations…/the-south-peace-snowmobile…

Engage in the process to support access for recreational users, deadline for comments June 30, 2021 4pm PDT

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British Columbia Snowmobile Federation – BCSF