Open for Public Comment Until January 19, 2018

The federal and provincial governments recently announced a draft conservation agreement under section 11 of the federal Species at Risk Act, regarding recovery measures for the Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia. The Agreement will be open for public comment until January 19 on the federal Species at Risk Registry.

The draft conservation agreement is initially focused on the Central Group, consisting of the Pine, Narraway and Quintette Local Population Units in Northeastern BC, and if successful, will be implemented throughout BC with recovery plans that could impact summer motorized use as they aren’t just focused on high mountain elevations, they are also including protection and restoration of non-high elevation habitat, which involves deactivating roads and piling up trees and rocks to return area to natural habitat, creating blockages for users which could impact riding areas or access to riding areas.

The draft agreement public consultation period is open until Jan 19, 2018 if you would like to provide comments as the outcome of this agreement could impact your riding area

“Comments received will help inform the final content of the Agreement, as well as possible future arrangements between Canada and British Columbia and with directly affected First Nations concerning the Central Group and other groups of the Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia”