ATVBC and its Board of Directors would like to express their concerns for those of you who are experiencing the challenges and hardships associated with the extreme weather conditions that have been occurring here in BC.

We understand that ATV trails are secondary to ensuring your home and property are safe and habitable but also recognize that there will be significant damage to trail networks.

Flooding and landslides in November 2021, in addition to summer 2021 wildfires, will impact British Columbia’s trail systems and recreation opportunities – rehabilitation planning is required immediately.

Trail damage inventory – report trail damage to ATVBC

Once there is a reasonable return to some normalcy, we would like to ask all ATVBC members, their families and clubs to consider going out and checking the trails for areas that may have been severely impacted by the flooding (and wildfires), and to report these areas to ATVBC.

If you are aware of damage to motorized trails in your area (wildfire or flood) please document the issues (trail name, GPS coordinates, photos, written description of damage) and email to [email protected] or complete the relevant sections of ATVBC’s Trail Ambassador report (trial conditions) found here:

Information received will be used to develop a trail damage inventory that will inform trail grant funding in 2022 and to advocate for support and funding for trail rehabilitation.

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