The Tulameen ATV Club was formed in 2019 after an overwhelming positive response to a Facebook question asking if folks who ride the area were interested in the creation of a formal club.

Tulameen ATV Club founder Randy Halyk believes that the Tulameen area hosts one of the largest populations of ATV/SxS destination riders in the Southern Interior, with thousands of riders converging in Tulameen all year round.

Tulameen area trails consist of old logging roads, overgrown mining roads, mechanical mining cuts, and modern logging roads . Many trails lead to abandoned mine works or access lakes, rivers and alpine wilderness.

Tulameen ATV Club mandate

The Tulameen ATV Club was formed with a heady mandate, with a focus on supporting and nurturing safe ATV use and enjoyment. In addition to making new friends and finding and exploring new trails, club members can get involved with the Club’s Trail Guardian program, ARMM.

Club founders are determined to create a strong group that rides together, repairs and maintains trails, and supports the local area, and of course, gathers for social events. Read the Tulameen ATV Club’s Statement of Purpose

Ride to local wilderness attractions like waterfalls, lakes, creeks and rivers. Ride to the top of one of the mountains accessible via the trails to take in the view. Ride just for fun and explore the hundreds of trails surrounding Tulameen, Coalmont and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR).

In addition to providing a way for ATV riders to socialize and come together for rides, the Tulameen ATV Club formed to address concerns Tulameen area riders had about ATV legislation and the RCMP permitting process.

The Tulameen ATV Club was successful in working with the RCMP to have area riders sign up for permits, more than doubling permit numbers during a one-day sign up event. Tulameen ATV Club members and the RCMP were also able to educate riders and provide information to the riding community.

More information about the Tulameen ATV Club

For more information about the Tulameen ATV Club please contact club president and founder, Randy Halyk at [email protected] or by phone at 250-295-7705. Information is also available on the club website: and on the club Facebook page:

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