September 2023

UBCM ORV Working Group for Rural Communities

ORV Working Group participants will discuss the legal and policy considerations for local governments seeking to permit ATVs and SxS to access specific designated routes on municipal roads. Learn what is currently being done in communities across BC, what bylaws have been passed to permit ORV use, what the challenges are, possible solutions, and opportunities to support and advocate for improved, safe and convenient, incidental access to public roads to
allow rural communities to utilize existing infrastructure and sustainable trail networks to maximize the economic development benefits for the whole community.

If you are interested in participating in the UBCM ORV Working Group, please contact MarieCrawford at [email protected] at your earliest convenience to to ensure you are included in the upcoming meetings to commence as early as November 2023.

What is Resolution B121?

In 2019, ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC, attended the UBCM tradeshow in support of 4 local governments who sponsored resolution B121 which proposed to make it easier for local governments to issue Operation Permits to allow all-terrain vehicles incidental road access to communities for tourism purposes.

When presented at the 2019 UBCM tradeshow, the majority of delegates expressed their support for Resolution B121 after hearing the benefits. The result was Resolution B121 passed by a clear majority of delegates present.

What has happened since 2019?

  • Due to Covid-19, the UBCM ORV Working group has not been
  • Government response was received encouraging the ORV working group to continue to liaise with FLNRORD ministry staff responsible for the ORV framework. (see attached B121 resolution with govt response)
  • ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC, has continued to work with communities around the province to educate them on the ORV management framework and how it can allow local governments to expand their trail networks to take advantage of economic development opportunities by way of tourism.
  • In the absence of government changes requested through B121, some communities around the province have created their own local bylaws to address the need for ORV’s to gain access to amenities through designated routes in their communities.

What now?

ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC, is working with UBCM to reconvene the 35+ communities and Regional Districts that signed up for the UBCM ORV Working Group in 2019 and any other communities that express interest.

ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC, is attending the 2023 UBCM conference to engage with communities to share the opportunity to join the UBCM ORV working group and learn more about how ORV tourism can benefit their communities.

The UBCM ORV Working Group is set to meet for the first time as early as November 2023 and will embark on the following agenda items:

  • Discuss requests by communities for pilot project for ATVs similar to the golf cart program in Chase.
  • Review of communities who have developed their own bylaws since 2019 and what are the results to date.
  • Discuss letters or other communications to Ministry(s) in support of resolution.
  • Review of government response to this resolution and discussion of next steps.

ATVBC Quad Riders Association of BC, is providing support to any local governments interested in learning more about the ORV tourism opportunities in your community. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Kristin Parsons-Brouwer, Executive Director at: [email protected]