Change to process: As of November 1, 2021, Oasis/Got Toys is no longer selling memberships to Vancouver Island clubs – membership purchases and renewals should be done via ATVBC’s website or your local club.

Mosaic Access Agreements:

  • The Mid Island ATV Club and the Comox Valley ATV Club have access agreements with Mosaic Forest Management and can issue land access stickers to their club members.
  • The Alberni Valley Hill Climbers, the Campbell River ATV Club, the Cowichan Valley ATV Club, and Sooke ATV Club are in the process of forming an agreement. At this time, these clubs cannot issue access stickers. We are unable to provide a timeline for when agreements will be in place.

Access stickers:

Clubs, who sign access agreements with Mosaic are responsible for ensuring members meet stipulated requirements and behave in a manner that does not violate terms of the agreement. Violations to agreement terms could result in loss of access for all.

For this reason, membership in ATVBC and a Vancouver Island club does not in itself guarantee member(s) will be issued access stickers. Meeting pre-requisites (providing necessary documentation) does not guarantee member(s) will be issued access stickers.

Access stickers are a benefit – not a right!

If you have questions about access stickers, please contact the club prior to purchasing/renewing membership. Club contacts can be found here:

Island ATV Clubs will develop processes and policies regarding access stickers once new agreements are signed. The processes and policies will provide potential and current members with information necessary to help them determine if they wish to request an access sticker and what documentation they will need to provide.

Information regarding Mosaic Forest Management land access will also be distributed by each club and will include details about access areas, dates, restrictions, and permitted activities

If you have questions about access stickers, please contact the club prior to purchasing/renewing membership. Club contacts can be found here:

ATV Club volunteers:

ATV Clubs across the province are struggling to find volunteers to become club directors, to organize activities, to manage memberships, put on events, manage club communications, etc.

Communicating with club volunteers in a constructive and respectful way is important in retaining current volunteers and in recruiting new volunteers.

Vancouver Island Club access sticker processes will require additional volunteer time to ensure members requesting stickers provide all necessary documentation and to issue access stickers. Therefore, it may take some time between sticker request and issuance of a sticker (if access is approved).

Please treat these volunteers with respect and remember to thank them for their time. Volunteer to assist with rides, events, on a committee or as a club director.

This document will be updated as new information is received and once the final agreements terms are known.  The draft agreements have changed significantly through the negotiation process and information you receive from third parties (Mosaic security, insurance brokers, other club members) may be outdated.


ATVBC and club membership dues refunds: will not be issued if you are unable to provide documentation required for a land access sticker if your club decides not to grant you a sticker or if your sticker is rescinded due to violations.

Mosaic Land Access areas: It is anticipated that each club will be granted access to Mosaic land in their area. Therefore, clubs wishing to ride in other regions will need to purchase membership to more than one club. The Vancouver Island clubs understand this can be quite expensive and are working on multi-club discounts. Stay tuned for details.

Access restrictions: Access stickers will not provide full access at all times. Some areas may be permanently restricted, some areas may be restricted at times (weather, Mosaic activities) and access stickers do not grant access for all activities (there may be hunting/fishing/other exclusions in areas).