Clint, President of the Vernon ATV Club and ATVBC director, recently created a great comparison of ride visualization tools. We are sharing it here for you – with thanks to Clint for creating the content and generously sharing it with ATVBC.

Grab your GPS, upload your GPX files and show us where you rode in 2020 using the Ayvri website. Next time you are out for a ride, turn on the Relive app and share your ride!

Email a link to [email protected] – we’d live to share rides in beautiful BC.

Comparing Visualization Tools

Capturing your ride on GPS is handy for navigation purposes but a bit dry to show your adventure to friends and family. Visualization tools show your ride in a captivating way so others can ride along with you. 

Ayvri Website
Recording: Ayvri isn’t an app to load on your phone, just take any GPX file and load it into the Ayvri website to create a spatial version of your ride or any other activity.
Playback: the video progresses at a speed relative to your travel, when you stop the playhead stops, when you’re moving fast it moves fast.
Sample video: Ayvri – Noble Canyon Cactus Ridge Ride

Relive App
Recording: Load the Relive app on your phone, remember to start recording at the start of the ride and finish at the end. Relive accesses your photos to let you select up to 10 photos, or upgrade to a paid version to add videos and more than 10 photos.
Playback: the video progresses at the same time throughout the video regardless of if you’re moving or stationary during recording. Photos and videos are shown when and where you took them, speed, elevation or add your own event waypoints.
Sample video: Relive – Noble Canyon Cactus Ridge Ride