These two women have based their brand on being dirty and proud of it

by Kyle Born — October 08, 2021A large group of women stand on a sandy beach in front of and on top of an ATV side-by-side. Chipmunk River flows in the background.

Besides being the founders of Vixens Canada, Desirae Hall (standing on the front tire in a blue shirt) and Lisa Arpin (standing on the back tire in a black shirt) organize ladies rides, like this one to Chipmunk River near Chilliwack, B.C.— Photo courtesy Desirae Hall

Desirae Hall and Lisa Arpin are all about getting dirty and bragging about it. These two entrepreneurial moms just started up their business, Vixens Canada, a clothing company that encourages women to embrace off-roading. Their primary slogan is “Girls get dirty too!”

“Vixens Canada was born out of our love of outdoor sports,” said Hall. “Our main goal is to empower other women to get involved in off-road communities and all predominantly male-dominated outdoor activities.”Four women stand on their ATVs in front of signage and a booth for Vixens Canada.

The Vixens show off their stuff at Whispering Pines Motocross Track in Kamloops, B.C., with the West Coast ATV Racing Association.— Photo courtesy Desirae Hall

Vixens Canada is a distributor of Off Road Vixens Clothing Company Inc. and is based in Chilliwack, B.C. Hall and Arpin travel throughout B.C. to sell their wares at various off-road events and their clothing is available for purchase across Canada via Vixens Canada’s online store.

“Off Road Vixens was created by two women very much like Lisa and myself,” Hall said. “We have taken their popular brand and brought not only their clothing to Canada, but what it represents in empowering women who ride. We are now their largest Canadian distributor.

“We have been well-received by the ORV community since our launch. I am so excited to have the opportunity to promote and empower women in this unique way.”Lilly Van Leeuwen throws up the devil horns on her ATV.

Vixens Canada helps little girls like Lilly Van Leeuwen prove that “Girls get dirty too!”— Photo courtesy Desirae Hall

Hall and Arpin don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk—or, more accurately, they ride the ride. Both women have been riding off-road motorised vehicles since a young age and have ridden dirt bikes, street bikes, snowmobiles, quads and side-by-sides. The duo are members of the Logan Lake ATV Club and ATVBC. They also love fishing, hiking, snowboarding and all the amazing things B.C. has to offer. As if that wasn’t enough in common, Hall and Arpin are both wives and moms. Between them, they have nine boys and no girls. Perhaps the gender imbalance at home spurred the Vixens to inspire more female riders to join the sport.

“We currently sponsor many amazing young athletes in Canada—girls and women who compete in motocross, snowcross, quad racing and mud drags,” said Hall. “Vixens Canada has also been actively involved in the motocross, ATV/UTV community since our launch in May. We have also started a girls ATV/UTV riding group.”

Vixens Canada has sponsored and promoted womens’ motocross clinics with Popkum MotorPark, the West Coast ATV Racing Association’s quad and side-by-side races in Kamloops, Hope Motorsports at the Hope Brigade Days, community fundraisers for the Salvation Army and Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department. Hall and Arpin are currently booked into the new year with many other off-road associations at their events.A group of female motocross riders pose in front of a Vixens Canada booth next to their dirt bikes.

Vixens Canada hosted female motocross clinics every Friday night in July at PopKum Motor Park near Bridal Falls, B.C.— Photo courtesy Desirae Hall

Clearly, Hall and Arpin get around—usually on four wheels (but not always). Hall is a fan of the mud and she currently rides a 2019 Can-Am Maverick XMR Sport and a Can-Am XMR 650 Outlander. Arpin goes with a Can-Am 650 Outlander and Polaris 900 Razor, and she enjoys getting a break from the summer dust on her Yamaha WaveRunner. This past winter, the Vixens tried tracks on their side-by-sides and enjoyed the spectacular scenery of Valemont and Britton Creek. When it comes to the Vixens’ favourite place to play, Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park gets the top spot.

“It’s such an amazing place to go to with a new destination every day,” Hall said. “Locally, we enjoy checking out our amazing views of Chilliwack Valley while riding the Thurston Loop at Chipmunk Creek. Tamihi is also good for those days when you just need to find a good mud puddle to play in.”

No doubt about it, “Girls get dirty too!”