WhatsNew_0Quad Riders Association of British Columbia (ATV/BC) is entering our tenth year.  There have been many changes over this time.  We have recently been advised of the long awaited Registration and Licensing of ATVs.  ATV/BC was involved in this process as a member of the ORV coalition.  Information in this regard is available on our New and Improved Web Site.

The new website has information on what is happening in the ATV world.  It is the fastest and most efficient method the relay information to our members.  We would ask that you take the time to register on the site and take advantage of the Forums to express your views.  We are making every effort to improve communication with our members.

Your input as to what you would like to see on the website is important to us.  The site is monitored on a daily basis and information in passed on as quickly as we can.  In the past we were unable to access as readily as we now can.  There is an Events Calender where we can post your clubs events.  We ask for your help in keeping you and other ATV enthusiasts up to date.  You can sign up to have the newsletter sent to you.

Ride reports, Club Projects, Club Newsletters or anything that may be of interest to other riders are welcomed.  With you assistance we can make this site the “go to place” for quading information in B.C.

In process at present is a Trail from the Alberta border to the Coast.  We are looking for a name.  Check out what is being done and make your suggestions.

Information on the “Poker Ride” and “AGM & Jamboree” will be posted in the near future.

ATV/BC continues to work on your behalf, together we can win the “right to ride” and see this magnificent province “on the seat of your choice”.