Does your ATV Club do trail usage counts? What are trail usage counts? Why are they important? How do you count users?

Find out by viewing the free American Trails Organization “Make it Count: Collecting and Applying Trail Count Data” that was recorded on October 22, 2020.

Trail count data is an essential tool to capture usage trends, justify spending and communicate with local stakeholders. For many organizations, understanding when trails are used, and how that growth is developing over time, is essential for justifying the existence of trials. 

American Trails Org

You will “Learn from industry experts, advocates, and practitioners about how to collect and apply trail count data, and how to leverage that data in order to achieve meaningful, tangible changes in your community.


Who: Clubs who manage trails or are involved in funding applications or with trail access issues

View recorded webinar presentation online (enter your name and email to view): CLICK HERE

Review from Wayne Mercer, Kootenay Rockies ATV Club: “The webinar starts off to be very dry and of no particular interest to ATVers.  It is all good background information, however, and the last presenter does a marvelous job of tying it all together.  By the time it was done, I felt quite enthused that trail counts, if done right, can be very useful.  The trick is to collect good quality data so that the analysis is meaningful.”