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Throw on some long undies!

The Vernon ATV Club said it best in their recent newsletter, ” Snow in the valley bottom doesn’t mean it’s time to park your quad or side x side, it means it’s time to throw on some long undies, grab your mitts and pack some extra clothes for the next ride. “

Take a winch, survival supplies

The Logan Lake ATV Club advises all riders to ensure their machines are equipped with a winch and that all riders carry winter survival gear.


ATV-tracking, a relatively new sport, is a great option for riders in deep snow, like the Kootenay Rockies ATV Club, Powell River ATV Club, Lost Traction ATV Club when riding in the Coquihalla and some Vernon ATV Club members.

Clint, from the Vernon ATV Club shares, “Tracked machines are very different than a snowmobile, sleds gracefully glide over the snow, scoot up to extreme speeds and climb slopes previously thought unclimbable. Tracked machines won’t achieve stellar top speeds but are extremely capable at trail speeds and for wandering amongst the trees.”

Clint shared some links in the Vernon ATV Club November 27 newsletter, showing wheeled/tracked comparisons and people riding in deep snow:

ATV-tracking “a hot setup”

Doug Williamson, from the Kootenay Rockies ATV Club, encourages those who have a quad or SxS and want to get out in the winter to get a set of tracks. He says, “ATV-tracking is much easier on the body, for we older folks. The small increase in width and length gives a amazing improvement in stability over wheels. There is less chance of getting stuck (once you have the hang of it) and it is often possible to back out of a situation.

It isn’t as fast as sledding, and high-marking is out of the question. It is desirable to have as powerful an ATV as the budget allows as a 550 quad will generally be run on the governor all day long.

Expect to have at least 50% higher fuel consumption than when running on wheels.”

How much does it cost?

Doug says, “A set of tracks will cost in the range of $4,500 installed.” He continues, “After the initial installation, changing from tracks to wheels is an easy and quick DIY job.
“(Before and after riding) it is highly desirable to have a heated space where you can thaw, and dry out, the ATV so that it is ready to go for the next outing. “

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